WOU nationally ranked in top 100 for employability of graduates

Western Oregon University was ranked highest in the Pacific Northwest and 85th in the nation for economic value and employability of its graduates, by Educate to Career, Inc. (ETC). The ETC College Rankings Index looked at 1,222 schools across the country and examined data such as starting salaries of graduates. This ranking demonstrates that WOU is succeeding in creating academic programs that prepare graduates for the real world and offer applicable experience and knowledge to succeed.

According to Associate Provost David McDonald, “the high ranking of WOU is strong validation of the immediate and long-term benefits of attending and graduating from WOU.  As Oregon’s most popular mid-sized university, our students and alumni have come to expect great things from their university and we are pleased that we are delivering such a high value.”

The ETC Index examines the quality of students when entering college, total costs related to attending college, and the outcomes of the students when they enter the labor market. The rankings are determined by which schools did the best job of improving the earnings and attainment of quality employment of their students. The rankings included four-year colleges with enrollments greater than 1,000 students.

David McDonald
Associate Provost
503-838-8919 or

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