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WOU is first college to team with Livemocha/Rosetta Stone to offer healthcare interpreting coursework

Western Oregon University is the only university in the world to have partnered with Livemocha/Rosetta Stone to offer self-paced custom medical terminology classes. The courses will count toward WOU’s healthcare interpreting program requirements, which is the only university-level program of its kind in Oregon. The first group of classes will be ready in September with English-Spanish medical terminology classes.

The custom medical terminology classes will feature medical terminology, major diseases, diagnostics and other concepts in both English and a host of target languages. The first offerings will be in English-Spanish and will then be translated into other languages as needed.

WOU’s healthcare interpreting program was established a year ago and has seen more than 50 people complete the program. It started out focusing on Spanish and Russian, but has since expanded to other languages to meet students’ needs. Classes are currently taught in Salem at Salem Hospital, Portland at Oregon Health Sciences University and Redmond at Advantage Dental.

Beginning in July 2014, the state of Oregon will require that medical interpreters are qualified or certified in Oregon. Most medical interpreters aren’t currently trained or certified, so WOU’s program is serving a direct need. “I am very happy we are the first university to work with Rosetta Stone to create these classes. There is a big need for interpreter training in Oregon and it is a real struggle to provide language-specific terminology classes for speakers of less common languages. This partnership will allow us to easily tailor our curriculum to the language of any student who enrolls in our program,” said Brian Sly-Haley, program manager.

For more information:
Brian Sly-Haley, program manager
503-838-8918 or haleyb@wou.edu

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