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Field school for indigenous archaeology offered at Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Confederated Tribes of Grand RondeWestern Oregon University and the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde have partnered together to offer an archaeological field school focused on one tribe’s perspective on cultural resources by using cultural resources management (CRM) field and recording methods. Students participating in the field school will earn credits through WOU and it runs from June 24 through August 16 on Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde lands.

The field school will examine locations relevant to the relocation and settlement of Grand Ronde Agency in the mid-1800s. The season will focus on a property that was at the cross roads of the major thoroughfares on the reservation, at the core of the Indian Agency building complex (ca
1855), and later was the location of one of the public schools (ca 1910) in the area. Testing and excavations at this location are likely to provide evidence of early material goods imported to the Agency, and one of the first possibilities to identify and chronicle children in the archaeological

Participants will use ground penetrating radar (GPR), shovel tests, and systematic excavations to examine a historic school and one of the earliest Reservation Agency structures. This field school will follow the same steps and procedures as any CRM project, which is the area of
archaeology where most people find work.

The first component of the course will be background research methods in which participants learn about the different resources available and their contribution to understanding a project area. The second component of the field school will be field methodology. In this section
participants will conduct several techniques and learn about the relevance and contribution of each. These will include non, minimally, and fully intrusive testing strategies.

About the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Community of Oregon is a Native American Tribe of more than 5,000 members. Established in 1857, it became home to more than 30 Indian tibes and bands from an area comprising approximately 25 percent of the state’s land area. Its 10,000-acre reservation is located in west-central Oregon between McMinnville and Lincoln City. Its main business is Spirit Mountain Casino.

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