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WOU participates in National Day of Silence

Western Oregon University will participate in the National Day of Silence on Friday, April 19. The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network hosts this annual event to raise awareness about the impact bullying and harassment has on LGBTQ youth. On Friday, students nationwide will participate in the event by pledging their silence and representing the voices lost. These students are attempting to be silent for the entire day to make the impact on both themselves and their community.

Participants are encouraged to break their silence  (even if only temporary) if need requires it. Participating in Day of Silence does not mean that the individual identifies as LGBTQ, or that they wish to disclose their identity to others. To further educate about Day of Silence, WOU Safe Zone is hosting a Lunch and Learn workshop and discussion on April 19 at 11 a.m. in Ackerman 140. Everyone is welcome to attend and learn about the history of Day of Silence and what an individual and community level to break the silence.

To aid in the breaking of silence, we are also hosting Night of Noise, which is a night of empowerment where participants celebrate who they are. Night of Noise is from six to 10 p.m. in Mt. Jefferson room of Valsetz dining hall. We will begin the night with keynote speaker CM Hall and follow with open mic/discussion, performances by students and groups such as V!BE and Twice United, and the end the night with a game of Drag Bingo. There will be food.

The event is hosted by the Triangle Alliance, Associated Students of Western Oregon University, National Residence Hall Honorary, and Safe Zone

About the Triangle Alliance
The mission of Triangle Alliance of Western Oregon University is a student run and led organization aiming at creating a place for members and allies of the GLBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer) community to feel safe, welcome, and connected. The Triangle Alliance asks no questions of a member’s sexual orientation or gender identity, but rather welcomes anyone who would like to be involved in a social network focused on acceptance, equality, and education.

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