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WOU hosted math buddy fair on Pi Day

MONMOUTH, Ore. – Western Oregon University’s (WOU) Mathematics Department has engaged in a partnership with Ash Creek Elementary School (ACES). The 46 students in the two sections of WOU’s Mathematics 396 Problem Solving for Elementary Teachers, have been exchanging problem solving journals with about 100 fourth- and fifth-graders in three classes at ACES. Each WOU student has been a “math buddy” with two ACES students throughout winter term.

On Wednesday, March 14 (a.k.a. “Pi Day”) the Mathematics Department hosted a fair for the ACES students to meet their WOU math buddy. The ACES students had the opportunity to visit campus and get a taste of college life for the day. The math buddy fair also featured several mathematics activities, including estimating pi measurement, pi chain construction, and more.

The WOU mathematics faculty involved are:
Dr. Laurie Burton and Dr. Matthew Ciancetta, Math 396 professors
Dr. Cheryl Beaver, Mathematics Department Chair and ACES liaison

The ACES teachers involved are:
Mr. Shawn Beam, 5th grade teacher
Mr. Dale Claussen, 4th/5th grade teacher
Ms. Terry Wright, 4th grade teacher

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Contacts for media:
Dr. Laurie Burton
Mathematics professor
503-838-8345 or

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