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Smith Fine Arts Series kicks off with Cirque Mechanics

MONMOUTH – The 2010-11 Smith Fine Arts Series opens Monday, Oct. 4 with Cirque Mechanics, a circus troupe that flies, climbs and contorts their way through rotating gears, trampoline walls and aerial hoops set to the background of 1865 prospectors and adventure seekers.

About the show
Be transported to the 1860’s small frontier town of Rosebud, where two ambitious saloon owners have set up shop in the hopes of cashing in on the town’s gold rush frenzy. The circus that ensues when they begin to feud for the townsfolk patronage, leads to a series of explosive events, exciting brawls, an unexpected romance and a lucrative discovery.

Once again, as with their previous production “Birdhouse Factory,” Cirque Mechanics explores the relationship between man and machine. Inspired by early mining equipment and the spirit of adventure that brought prospectors and entrepreneurs alike out west searching for gold, “Boom Town,” features innovative and one of a kind mechanical apparatus that serve both as scenery and performance prop. Spectators will find performers climbing up swaying telegraph poles, dancing on a swinging chandelier, flying high and fast on a revolving crane, flipping and jumping on moving ore carts or balancing on whiskey jugs.

“Boom Town” was originally presented by the Broadway Center for the Arts in Tacoma Wash. The show, directed by Chris Lashua was based on an original concept and material by Chris Lashua and was co-directed by Aloysia Gavre.

The other shows in the 2010-11 season are the Travelin’ McCoury’s (Dec. 4, 2010), a bluegrass group, the Yamandu Costa (Jan. 18, 2011), a Brazilian guitarist, Ensemble Galilei (March 30, 2011), a Celtic instrumental ensemble, and Allen Toussaint (June 4, 2011), an R&B pianist. Season tickets for the Smith Fine Arts Series, as well as tickets to individual shows, can still be purchased. Season tickets are $99 (or $49 for students) and individual tickets are $29 (or $11 for students). For more information about the Smith Fine Arts Series, visit the Smith Fine Arts Series online.

Cirque Mechanics cirque mechanics

cirque mechanics

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Smith Fine Arts Series

interview contact
Keller Coker
Director of Smith Fine Arts and professor of music

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